Airport Security and PAX

Track the PAX flow everywhere in your airport

An airport business depends on it’s ability to improve and facilitate passenger flow and limit bottlenecks. Integras solutions gives you the ability to transform the data captured by your security system, and turn it into practical business insights.

What Airport Sense does for you

Turn data into measurable KPIs

Convert anonymous, raw data into performance targets for your airport –
and monitor progress with real-time dashboards and accurate reporting.

Find new uses for security equipment

Processes video and sensor data to understand PAX queues, processing time, density and assets usage.

Solution Overview

Collect data about PAX flow with tools you’re already using to improve operations


Check Point

Free Transit


  • Check-In Counters
  • Kiosks / Self-Drop
  • Passport Control
  • Security Screening
  • Boarding Areas
  • Transfer Zone
  • Commercial Areas
  • Luggage Claim
  • Boarding Areas​

Available KPI's

  • Waiting time
  • Processing time
  • Visits
  • Area’s capacity
  • Area’s capacity
  • Flow direction
  • Dwell time

How To Inform

  • Dashboard
  • Histogram
  • Heat map
  • Dashboard
  • Histogram
  • Heat map

Cloud-based airport analytics solution (subscription models)

Dedicated/web client applications

Leverage existing camera’s infrastructure

Future multi-sensor approach (wireless data triangulation) 

Leverages Security Center back-end for: video analytics and integrations with other data sources

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