Yazılım Analizi için Örnek Senaryo

Benim bir yazılıma ihtiyacım var. Müdürüm sürekli seyahat halinde ve benim hazırlıklarıma ihtiyacı var. Kurumumuza sürekli numune kitaplar geliyor. Bu kitaplar geldikten sonra ben inceleme için ilgili birimlere sevk ediyorum. Bu birimler kitapları inceledikten sonra bana kitaplar ile ilgili olarak içerik/kategori/yaş aralığı/türü v.b. konularda kendi görüşlerini belirten yorumlar ile dönüyorlar. Daha sonra bu yorumları tümleştirip,[…]

Face Shield/Visor

Face Shields for Covid-19 This face shield is helpful to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from aerosols, sprays, and splatters. *COMPLETE COVERAGE – Full-length provides more complete coverage than typical face shields. Wrap-around design provides over-the-top, side and front face protection. *COMFORT TO WEAR Equipped with an elastic band, the face shield is suitable[…]

Surgical Masks

covid-19 Surgical Masks 99% filtering, 3 PLY masks – box of 4000 • Adult 3 ply masks – lacets – green– lightweight and comfortable– size 17×9 cm (adult) or 12.5×9.3 cm (pediatric)– conformable nose band for anatomical fitting– fiber glass free, filtration efficiency of BFE +99% at 1.0 micron– antifog, latex free– suitable for hospital, dental[…]

Uganda President Visit

Fatih Kucukpetek CTO for Integras visited his excellancy Mr. President Yoweri Museveni. During the visit Integras presented his Defense sector solutions and created a draft MoU for possible discussions on current needs of Country

Airport Security and PAX

Track the PAX flow everywhere in your airport An airport business depends on it’s ability to improve and facilitate passenger flow and limit bottlenecks. Integras solutions gives you the ability to transform the data captured by your security system, and turn it into practical business insights. What Airport Sense does for you Turn data into measurable[…]

IntVision Body Worn Security Cam

Key Features: →Up to 2304x1296P 30fps video resolution →Up to 32 million pixels for snap shot →130° wide angle of view →Support night vision, up to 10 meters with visible face image →Support GPS →3000mAh battery capacity for8 hours 1080P 25fps recording →IP65 waterproof and 2m drop resistant →Pre-record(max 45s) and Post-record(10min) →Support mute recording[…]

System Integrator

Integras the Enterprise System Integrator Integras is a leading enterprise / system integration company specialising in integrating Automation, Access Control and Security projects for Enterprise customers. Our expertise and abilities from a system integrator perspective are extensive. We follow the Software Development Life Cycle model extensively through all stages of project implementation.  Key to our[…]