Defense Solutions Provider

Turkey's Leading Technology Company
for Defense, Aviation and Homeland Security

Integras crafts innovative products and develop reliable solutions

Integration is the life style for the engineering and management team.
Our experience, our customers' willigness and the taste of success ; makes us navigate through every space - be it land, air or sea.

Our Competencies

Defense Products & Services

  • Program & Weapon Systems Management
  • Systems Engineering – Systems, Analysis, Research, Design, Development, Test, Evaluation, Implementation, Infrastructure
  • Strategic Planning – Air & Missile Defense, Security Operations
  • Opto-Electronic Systems
  • Mission Support Systems
  • Mission Planning Systems
  • Border Security Systems
  • Cybercrime
 Logistics, Kitting & Development Support
  • Defense Industry Personnel & Equipment
  • Petroleum Security
  • Critical Facility Management
  • Temporary Structures Design and Manufacture
  • Electro-Mechanic Parts and Systems Design and Manufacture
  • Security Equipment
  • Database Management, Maintenance & Reporting
  • Training

Physical Security & Law Enforcement Support

  • Foreign Operations Bases Support
  • Public Safety Professionals Products
  • Secure Communication
  • Services
  • Training


Awarded by Commands and Missions


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