Medical Solutions

Integras Provides Solutions and Products against Pandemic Covid-19 Personal Protective equipments.

He is one of the main supplier to Turkish Ministry of Health, Ministrfy of Defense and Ministry of Interriors and many more Directorates and Municipalitiesi.

Integras also export the products to the world.

Main export routes are Germany, Italy, UK, USA, Canada, EU Countries and Africa.

Body Bags/Funeral Bags

Body Bag/Funeral Bag/Shroud Product is currently used as Pandemic Corpse Bag. All our products are CE Certified. Previous Next


Gown Non-Sterile Gowns or Isolation gowns are used for procedures that do not require a sterile product. They are required where the users need a degree of comfort and protection with low risk of flui…

Face Shield/Visor

Face Shields for Covid-19 This face shield is helpful to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from aerosols, sprays, and splatters. *COMPLETE COVERAGE – Full-length provides more complete coverage …

Medical Protective Suits

Covid-19 Medical Protective Suits Protective suit produced with 55-57 gr nonwoven laminated fabric. The wrists and ankle ends are elastic material. Have Hoodie and hood frame is elastic material. The …

Surgical Masks

covid-19 Surgical Masks 99% filtering, 3 PLY masks – box of 4000 • Adult 3 ply masks – lacets – green– lightweight and comfortable– size 17×9 cm (adult) or 12.5&#215…

Covid Thermal Imaging for Public Health

Integras served his capabilities to goverment organizations to keep public health safe.

Integras is on National TV’s

Integras CMO Mr. Omer Tekdal gave a briefing to Turkish NAtional News Channel NTV about the current and future solutions provided by Integras

Uganda President Visit

Fatih Kucukpetek CTO for Integras visited his excellancy Mr. President Yoweri Museveni. During the visit Integras presented his Defense sector solutions and created a draft MoU for possible discussion…

Personal Data Security Solutions

Genetec is now partnering with Integras on recorded data personal data security solutions. The solution is now delivered as Beta stage will be distributed by 2019, September

Airport Security and PAX

Track the PAX flow everywhere in your airport An airport business depends on it’s ability to improve and facilitate passenger flow and limit bottlenecks. Integras solutions gives you the ability …